Green Tripe - Rough Grind

Green Tripe - Rough Grind

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  • Green Tripe is truly a canine superfood.  It's loaded with naturally occurring digestive enzymes and probiotics.  
  • If you are thinking about feeding green tripe, there are two important characteristics of this green tripe product:
  •       First, this product is sourced only from 100% organic, grass-fed pasture-raised cows.  The animals have been USDA-inspected and are approved for human consumption. No antibiotics or hormones are used.   With additional processing, this product would be marketed to the consumer market.  The company works exclusively with slaughterhouses that cater to the grass-feeding and organic rancher community.  No 4D animals are processed in these facilities.  Finally, the animals are cared for using modern, humane practices including those recommended by Temple Grandin.  
  •       Second, the cow has four stomach chambers and each has its own enzyme environment.  The company has developed a proprietary recipe that uses the proportion of each chamber that results in the most nutritious product.  The grind is purposely "rough" with the goal of exercising the dog's jaw muscles and providing a natural "dental floss" to keep the teeth clean.  
  • See this article from Whole Dog Journal - Green Tripe for Dogs.


  • 100% Green Tripe