Pancreas for EPI Pets - Feeding Instructions:

 Follow these instructions: 

  • Feed 1 Ounce of pancreas for every 10 lbs. of body weight, twice a day. Feeding more is not recommended. Serve at room temperature. 
  • To maximize enzyme efficiency, whip pancreas with a fork or wire whisk to achieve a pudding like consistency, or liquefy in a blender. 
  • ALWAYS wash your hands, countertops, and utensils after touching. 
  • ALWAYS keep tripe products separate from other meat. A plastic container with a tight-fitting lid is a good approach and will keep the odor contained. 
  • Pancreas (from Grass Fed Beef) has a shelf life of 3-5 months; therefore, we keep a limited supply on hand.

 Please place your order at least two weeks prior to your date needed and allow 2-4 days for shipping (depending on your shipping zone.)