Raw Food - Safe Handling Instructions

Safe Handling Instructions

  • Our products are shipped frozen. During transit, products may partially thaw. This is entirely fine!  Portion into feeding sizes as needed and immediately re-freeze remaining product.  Use thawed refrigerated product within 3 days.  Do not cook or microwave green tripe or Carolina Wild food, they are intended to be fed raw.    
  • How much should I feed? This depends on your dog’s age, weight, activity level and metabolism. A general rule of thumb is that most dogs should eat 2 – 3% of their healthy body weight each day.  For a 50 lb. dog, this would be 1 – 1 ½ lbs. per day spread over two feedings. 
  • This is a raw animal product, as you would in handling any raw meat, always wash your hands, countertops, and utensils thoroughly after handling these products.
  • Always keep tripe separate from other meats. A plastic container with a tight-fitting lid is a good approach and will keep the odor contained.
  • Remember that the tripe products are “green” and have not been cleaned or bleached as is done with tripe for human consumption. NEVER try to cook or eat these products yourself. Green Tripe and Carolina Raw products are FOR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION ONLY!