Our Company

Sirius Natural Pet Foods was born as a solution to a problem.   

We have shared our lives with dogs and cats for decades.  Since 1986 we have made our own dog and cat food, and nutritional supplements primarily for family and friends. 

The Beginning

The study of pet nutrition has been a multi-decade labor of love (our first recipes for dog and cat food came from Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s first edition of The Company Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and our remedies came from The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette de Bairacli Levy). 

A 2008 article in Whole Dog Journal raised our awareness to the benefits of green tripe and some years later we found our way to Pete and Mary Voss of Green Tripe of Gilroy, CA who directed us to their East Coast distributor, Green Cuisine 4 Pets.  (If you are interested in some well researched articles, check our resources page.)

Green Tripe

For the past 12 years, Green Cuisine 4 Pets distributed the Green Tripe line of products out of Atlanta, Ga.  In late 2019, when Tom Jaeger decided that it was time to retire, we thought that we would be able to find another source without much difficulty. 

Having been used to the Green Tripe product, we found that it wasn’t possible to find another source with comparable quality. Tom had been aware that we incorporate the products into our dog food and that we had a business on the drawing board and so asked us if we would consider taking on the distribution of Green Tripe.

Six months later and at least six months before we were ready to launch our company, we are in business. 

Our Philosophy

From a philosophical standpoint, our interest is in raising healthy animals and we fundamentally believe that that good health comes from what they eat.  We are science-oriented, and we understand the economics of pet food. But our experience over more than forty years has shown that the cost of the best diet pales when we compare the cost of trying to cure dis-ease in our pets. 

Hippocrates was quoted as saying “all health starts in the gut” and so we are proud that our initial launch of our company focuses on the massively gut-enhancing Green Tripe products. 

Lisa McFee