Sirius Natural Pet Foods Shipping Policy

Shipping Information

All Sirius pet food products are shipped via UPS Ground. Our limitation is the three (3) day delivery area (see the map below). 

Carriers (UPS) use an algorithm that determines the shipping cost based on three criteria:  the weight of the box, the size of the box, and where the product is being shipped (Zone).  The shipping cost is passed to you.  We continually try to achieve better pricing.    

Product Handling

This is a frozen product and thus requires careful packaging to ensure that it arrives to you in the best condition possible.  For this reason:

  • We ship all orders in foam coolers* with gel packs or ice blankets sufficient to maintain temperature in accordance with the season and the distance.
  • Our packaging fee is a pass-through and includes the ship kit (foam container, ice blankets, and shipping box).
  • The weight of the products, ice blankets, cooler and any other packing materials determines the total box weight on which shipping costs are calculated.
  • You can be confident in the quality of your food as long as it arrives cold to the touch (even if it is partially thawed). You can feed it to your pet(s) or refreeze it.  Any product that is not going to be consumed within three (3) days should be refrozen.
  • Per the manufacturer, frozen product has a minimum freezer shelf life of at least one (1) year.


We ship product on either Monday or Tuesday to avoid the potential of running into a weekend.  For this reason:       

  • Please place your order by noon on Friday.
  • All confirmed product orders received by noon on Friday will be shipped the following Monday (except for the case of a national holiday observed by UPS in which case the order will be shipped on Tuesday.)
  • Orders shipped on days other than Monday may receive additional handling charges to offset the added UPS fees we incur for additional pickups.


There is a significant surcharge by UPS for packages over 50 pounds.  The weight is raised to the nearest pound (so 50 pounds, one ounce is equal to 51 pounds).  The difference in cost between 50 pounds and 51 pounds is very significant!

  • Our minimum order quantity is 20 pounds of frozen product.
  • Our most efficient packaging is a 20 lb. or a 40 lb. box. 
  • Our 40 lb. box fits (8) 5 lb. chubs or (20)  2 lb. chubs, or (36) 1 lb. chubs. 
  • Our maximum order is a 60 lb. box. For possible shipping cost reductions, orders can be split into multiple boxes. 
  • Each cooler is individually packed and thus can include a mix of product.


  • Upon shipment, you will receive an email with shipping and tracking information.

*Note that we are committed to the protection of the environment and are aware that the use of foam coolers conflicts with our principles.  While we don’t have another alternative currently, we are continually searching.    

Please contact us via email or phone for questions or further details.